Sunday, January 24, 2010

RapidWareX v1.1

RapidWareX v1.1
RapidWareX v1.1 | 3.97 MB
If you use RapidShare, you’re going to love this one.This is the latest version of RapidWareX, a download manager for RapidShare.Besides being a powerfull downloader, you can also stream audio and video directly from the RS-servers.It can even stream collections of RAR-files and HJSplit-files!You can start watching instantly and there is no more need for harddrive space.RapidWareX is a convenient downloading tool for RapidShare premium users
General Features
* Input a whole list of links at once
* Simultaneous downloads
* Retry failed downloads
* Secure login over HTTPS
* Prevent phishing attacks
* Check remaining traffic on your account
* Import & export collections of links
* Web interface for remote control
* Stream video and audio directly from server
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