Thursday, March 25, 2010

Norton Trial Reset 2010

Norton Trial Reset extends the trial period of Norton 2010 product every time you start your computer, for this version:

* - Norton Anti Virus 2010 v17.0.0.136
- Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.0.0.136
- Norton 360 v3.5.2.11 Standard/Premier Edition

* Instructions and latest Norton Removal Tool 2010.0.0.98 are included.
It's better uninstall old Norton with "Norton Removal Tool" before installing new version.

Note: Key gens, Patches, cracks, etc... some Anti virus software may flag/quarantine any of them.
This download contains no viruses, and any alert is a false positive.


Read all before you begin. You may want to vary the installation.

1. Uninstall any previous versions of Trial Reset.
  Delete and PURGE your Recycle Bin of all Trial Reset versions prior to this version.

2. Uninstall any previous Norton installations.
  Norton Removal Tool 2010.0.0.98 is included, and can also be used.
  Run Norton 2010 Trial Reset and purge Norton remnants.
  Then restart the computer.

3. Hide Norton 2010 Trial Reset (USB flash drive works) before installing Norton.

4. Install your Norton product (Clean install)

5. Disable 'Norton Product Tamper Protection'.

6. Run Live Update until there are no more updates. (Restart the computer if required.)

7. Disconnect internet and disable Norton Anti Virus.

8. Run Norton Trial Reset 2010 (as Administrator) and follow the instructions.

9. Trial Reset 2010 will try to shutdown Norton and restart.
  Wait for a pop up saying Installed successfully.

10. UNINSTALL Trial Reset 2010 completely.
   Within a year, Norton will publish a 2011 version.

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