Sunday, March 21, 2010

Radio Tracker v6

International hits and the best pop, rock, jazz, classical, traditional, country, metal, funk, blues, folk, ska, rap, R&B, drum and bass, techno, house, trance, hip hop and reggae there is. Radiotracker can record up to 80 different genres. Radiotracker is the only piece of software that can record all the major radio formats and then automatically convert those files into every audio format for every playback device.

Legal recordings from radio stations! No subscription! Music recordings in music shop quality!
What makes Radiotracker so unique?
Radiotracker includes a directory of several tens of thousands of web radio stations making it the only software that can claim to be able to record every radio station on the planet. If that weren’t enough, Radiotracker’s wishlist is also one of a kind! Just select your favorite artist from a list of over 100,000 musicians or select a specific song. Then, as soon as one of the many thousands of simultaneously monitored stations plays your desired music, Radiotracker automatically records that exact song or artist!

Choosing your desired music is easy and takes only a few mouse clicks. Then just click start. Within a matter a minutes you’ll get your music automatically, fast and free

Music shop quality. Free of charge!

Online shops offering music downloads typically offer songs as WMA or MP3 files at 192 kBit/s. With Radiotracker, Internet radio stations are recorded at a rate of up to 320 kBit/s, giving Radiotracker users MP3 files in the same or even in better quality than in online shops specializing in music downloads. The difference is that the MP3 files do not cost anything with Radiotracker. And thanks to PerfectRadio, Radiotracker records your music perfectly and completely automatically from online radio stations.

PerfectRadio: Perfectly cut music!

Since 2005, Radiotracker has been perfectly cutting targeted songs, normalizing them automatically at a uniform volume, adding ID3 tags, album artwork and lyrics. But since 2009, Radiotracker has been able to do even more: the PerfectRadio technology recognizes and records individual songs from any Internet radio station. The beginning and end of every song are perfectly cut to the millisecond giving you music files without talk and commercials. No other software is capable of such a feat. As an additional option, the program can also just cut songs in perfect quality and full length.
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