Tuesday, April 20, 2010

File Pumper to evade Antivirus Detection:

1. C;ick here to Download software
2. Open Sadaf File Pumper.exe to see:

File pumper

3. Now, hit on "Load File" and browse to your server virus file you want. Enter number of bytes you want File Pumper to add (Remember 1000000 bytes=1 MB). Hit on "Pump It" and your virus server will be undetectable to Antiviruses.

4. I tried this File Pumper with my keylogger server which was detectable to Avira antivirus (I use Avira). After using this File Pumper, my server was able to bypass Avira Antivirus.
Here is the scan result after using file pumper:
Virus scan result

Note: This Sadaf File Pumper is currently detected as hacktool by Antiviruses. So, if your antivirus alerts you for virus after running this File pumper, please disable your Antivirus. This is not virus, but a hacktool. If you want to prevent any possible damage to your computer, please use Deep Freeze software.

Drawback: This technique does not work 100% i.e. this may not work for all servers. Please mention your keyloggers for which this File pumper has worked to help all others over here.

So friends, try out this File pumper technique to evade antivirus detection. If you have any problem in using this File Pumper software to bypass Antivirus detection or if you have successfully bypassed any antivirus using this File pumper, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy File Pumping to evade Antivirus detection...


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