Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McAfee 8.5i + Anti spyware

Installing McAfee Anti-Virus 8.5i

  1. Double click on the vs85i icon

  2. Click Next at the McAfee Enterprise Setup

  3. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click OK

  4. Select Typical and click Next

  5.  Select Standard Protection and click Next

  6. Click Install to start the installation process

  7. Click Finish to complete the installation process

  8. To update your Anti-Virus right click the V shield icon on the bottom right of your screen and select Update Now
Note: I Recommend you to update and Run demand on scan after 9 and 10th step
9. Then Install Anti Spyware
10 Then install patch file
Now right click on V icon at bottom of your screen and update now......
Click here to Download


  1. I will install McAfee antivirus to protect my laptop from dangerous virus infections, thanks for install guide.