Friday, June 11, 2010

Kaspersky Trial Reset

Follow the next steps to correctly reset the license key for your Kaspersky product.

1. Disable the Self-Defense. ^1

2. Close your Kaspersky product.

3. Click on 'Start Reset' to begin. ^2

4. Wait for Kaspersky to prompt you to activate.

5. Activate your product using the online method.


1. The location of Kaspersky's 'Self-Defense' may vary depending on what version of Kaspersky product you are using.

2. If the removal of the old license key failes then log off or restart your computer and try again.

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  1. buddy.!.! did as u said..but could u pls xplain me d last step??
    i tried clicking activate..but it took me to kaspersky's website's purchase to activate it? pls temme..i am in gr8 need of kaspersky..!!

  2. buddy! now it says that 30 days remaining of license..!! i tried trial resetter again..but still,same is the other probblem now..everythink set but only problem is that it says that license remaining:30 days.. could u pls help me ASAP??

  3. @Shubham Garg-The Ethical Hacker it only gives you 30 days trial aftr its complutation u hav to use this trial reset agn to reset it to 30 days ill suggest u to use this