Friday, September 24, 2010

CYBER GHOST: We are live once again to provide you best cyber & hacking news

CYBER GHOST: We are live once again to provide you best cyber & hacking news

Hi Friends.. Amarjit Singh here and hope you all will be happy to see me once again. Well you will not find any old post here.. why no need to tell.

Do not ask me what happened and where I was....because I am only thinking about our new venture these days. As most of you guys are aware that Cyber Terrors will be launched on30th Oct in which I am working as co-author.....along with this we are also planning to launch a new Magazine..which will be first on its type. The magazine name is CYBER GHOST and published on monthly basis. The target is all you guys and I am damm sure the I will get a huge response from all you guys. This magazine will be launched on 7th OCT....and the venue for its launching party is CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB...Yes its my mother land Punjab.

So..I am closing here for today..keep you eyes open for tomorrow and keep visiting this blog. If you any query, just drop me a comment here

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  1. Wow!!! Already I told about ur upcoming magazine to my friends living in Punjab... & definitely I will pass my suggestions to you as well as my friends' too...

    Have a great day!!

  2. Hey amarjeet
    I want one post on sql injection with more powerful tools and very easy to hack websites tutorials


  3. How can I get this magzine???
    and amarjit why had you deleted your ORKUT account????

    Jai Hind