Sunday, September 12, 2010

GOOD NEWS ALL MY FRIENDS: Cyber Terror Book to be Launched on 30th October

Thanks To one and all - By Vaidahi Sachin

Before I start introducing you to this book i would like to say thanks to all my little friends mayank,vishvajeet, Rafay Baloch, chandu,ankit,nagarjun,aditi,cyber expert Sachin Vaze and top cops of Mumbai police, leagal think tanks, my staff gayatri, sandeep, amit and rohini.

Amarjit Singh - Reason for writing this book.

Special thanks to Indian Cyber Army, pakistan cyber Army, all black hat hackers, white hat hackers and every hidden sourece who made this venture possible for me.My heartise thanks to Mumbai police, cyber crimes expert Mr.Vijay Mukhi and entire police force of our country,who dedicate their lives to stop crime.

Proposed title- Cyber terror

Pages (tentative)- 300

Chapter 1- why I am writing this

Chapter 2- my friend hackers across the nation

Chapter3- Why unite hackers

Chapter4- who these hackers are?

Chapter5- good bad ugly side of hackers

Chapter 6- Indian cyber army Vs Pakistan Cyber army

Chapter7- how I was troubled and protected by hackers.

Chapter8- My family of united hackers and struggle uniting

Chapter9- Legal lapses and amendments

Chapter 10- signature campaign

Chapter 11- Hackers around the globe

Chapter12- what India lacks

Chapter 13- fairer side of hackers (female hackers)

Chapter14- the trauma of prisoners and under trials (hackers)

Chapter15- myth, misconceptions and misleading stories about hackers.

Chapter16- Action/cut/ and adventure

Chapter 17- Rafay Baloch a friendly acutance

Chapter 18- Me and my face book hackers

Chapter 19- My dream project

Chapter20- Make difference

Chapter21-Indian Hacker's Groups

Chapter22- Swiss accounts and politicians of India

Chapter 23- rivalary and compitition in hackers

Chapter24- communications,social celebrations,life style of hackers

Chapter25- New inventions in Hacking

The book is written/researched and edited exclusively by Vaidehi Sachin -Co-research aditi taman, Amarjit singh

Sub editing- Sandeep / prakash s

Cover- Amit jha and page designers- Mayank Agarwal, Dhaval Bhat

Publisher- newsmakers broadcasting communication

Printed at Mumbai - Publicity All Over India by- Vipin Gaur
book your copy today- Vipin Gaur/ Delhi 09810226962
Amarjit Singh/Punjab 0995396905
Rohini /Mumbai 09820199881
Anushka/ rest of India 08097451883

So grab your copy today


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