Friday, October 15, 2010

BCCI president-elect N Srinivasan cell phone hacked

The SOURCE for the below news is Times Of India. Well Lemme clear one thing to all my readers that to send a prank SMS, no need to hack a cell phone. There are so many websites available on net using which you can send the prank SMS's. It is something similar like email spoofing. In my personal opinion, this is not a case of CELL PHONE HACKING. Its actually a SMS's SPOOFING.

As per feedback received from Adnan Anjum: I think BCCI President Might be a victim of (SMS Attack ) because hacker send it at night, a hacker who has the right tools and know how to send a malicious text message to your phone capable of opening the web browser and taking to a harmful website. Once site opened, the site downloads a dirty executable to your phone,then all the information like,passwords will be in hackers database in the form of hashes then he can use tools like Encode/Decode Base64 to get the passwords,by this all types of sensitive information can also be hacked easily.These Attacks Are Mostly Carried out by sending Business Cards.

The original news is below:

Chennai: The cyber crime cell of the Chennai police has registered a case and launched investigations following a complaint by BCCI president-elect N Srinivasan that his mobile phone was hacked into and SMSes were sent to some IPL team owners asking them to fall in line.

According to Srinivasans complaint,a few IPL team owners had recently received an SMS from his number warning they too would face action because of their links with former IPL chief Lalit Modi.Srinivasan said in his complaint that he was shocked when he heard about the SMS.He said he requested the team owners to send the SMS back to him and denied sending any such message, a cop said.

Another police officer confirmed that Bangalore Royal Challengers,Mumbai Indians and another team owners recieved it.We are not sure if the message was sent only to these three.But as these three team owners contacted Srinivasan after receiving the SMS,he came to know about the hacking, the officer said.We have approached a service provider in Mumbai to identify the origin of the SMS.We hope to receive the details in a day or two.We are also in discussion with the technical team to narrow down on the hacker, police said.AFP

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