Monday, October 25, 2010

Cyber Terror to be Adapted into Movie : Hackers to become heroes

Cyber Terror to be Adapted into Movie : Hackers to become heroes

With the growing popularity of the initiative taken by the Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communication Pvt. Ltd. to unite the hackers and bestow a positive light in the world of hacking, people from all over the world have started recognizing the significance. A Jewish Director named Timmi Aboodi, 25, has shown immense pleasure in converting the book ‘Cyber Terrors’ written by Vaidehi into a full-fledged movie Titled ‘Hackers - the Modern Day’s Robinhood’. Timmi Aboodi a documentary maker making his first directorial debut with this film. The author already has given Timmi the rights to go ahead with his directorial venture. The movie will have many of real hackers acting for reel screen. Besides this, several youths aged18 to 22 belonging to the theater background will be playing the supporting roles.

The highlight of the movie is that both the director and the actors will be making their debut with this venture. The movie will be commercial venture same on the likes of mainstream Indian cinema. Even though Timmi has only made art films till date, he will now fulfill his directorial dreams by making fiction movie. Greek musician Sanoria will be composing the music for this film. The film will be produced under the banner of Veronica motion pictures and NBC pvt lts.

When AV spoke to Timmi about his directorial debut, he sounded very optimistic about the movie and said “It’s too early to say anything about this project. I am sure that youths will like this film.” By edn of this month we may physically enter into the venture.”

The movie will be a first of its kind which is all about unexplored subject ‘Hacking’. Indian audience is unaware about Hacking and hence this movie will introduce them about Hackers and their world. However, youths will enjoy this film as some of them are already techno savvy. Hacking may be considered as a cyber crime but if used effectively can solve many problems like securing one’s important information on the cyberspace, safeguarding it. Hackers possess exceptional brains and can also safeguard important websites of a country from potential cyber terror attack. Few years back hacking was considered as a cheap crime committed by techno savvy youths who indulged in such activities to become popular in the cyber space. Not anymore, the term hacking has undergone a metamorphosis and nowadays even top-notch software companies are hiring hackers to keep an eye on their competitors. Some of them even also extract vital information about the rival companies.

Newsmakers will launch a book named Cyber Terrors on 30th October at Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai. The book is written by Vaidehi Sachin, Editor-in-Chief of Newsmakers Publications and co-researched by Amarjit Singh and speaks about hacker culture.

In the book, Vaidehi describes about the people, the machines, and the events that defined the Hacker Culture and the Hacker Ethic, from the early mainframe hackers at MIT, to the self-made hardware hackers and game hackers. Immediately following is a brief overview of the issues and ideas that are brought forward by her book, as well as a more detailed interpretation of each chapter of the book, mentioning some of the principal characters and events. The hacker ethic deals with the idea that individuals are performing a duty for the common good, an analogy to a modern day 'Robin Hood'.

The hacker communities as a result are prided on the fact that they are the rebellion against authority figures that restrict this level of computer freedom. Hackers are only judged by their ability as opposed to the various systems in place that currently dictate authority, such as schools and universities. Mostly the hacker ethic idealizes the notion of hacking being an art-form, something revered as opposed to disputed and frowned upon. Popularized by 'phreakers' in the 1970s and 80s, this is something that is not only evident, but also widespread among the growing community.

In the field of computing, it is something that reflects not only on this community, but also about the wider social, political and financial world. In a sense, hacking is something that should affect everyone, but it is whether or not the interpretation that is given to hackers by Vaidehi compared with negative stereotypes of the media that dictate this perception. This book also expresses her pain and trauma handling hackers at all level. The book is evident script on Good Bad and Ugly hacker’s behavioural disorders. This book is combination of fictions and practical life style of hackers.

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