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First Book on CYBER TERRORISM “Cyber Terror" Launched Successfully by Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communication Pvt. Ltd

First Book on CYBER TERRORISM “Cyber Terror" Launched Successfully by Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communication Pvt. Ltd

Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communication Pvt. Ltd. launched its new book based on the terror that comes from the cyber arena named ‘Cyber Terror’ on 30th October, 2010 at Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines in Mumbai. The book was launched by the hands of Shri. Chhagan Bhujbal, Hon. Deputy CM of Maharashtra. The other guests who were present at the occasion were Shaina N.C, BJP Spokesperson, versatile actor Rahul Roy, Ex- IPS officer and well known advocate and business man Y. P Singh and Shakti Kapoor one of the renowned Bollywood actor. Cyber Terror is researched, written and edited by Vaidehi Sachin and Amarjit Singh is the co-researcher.

‘Cyber Terror’ focuses on both positive and negative aspects of hacking. It also speaks about the myth, misconceptions and misleading stories about hackers.

The book gives a comprehensive explanation on how hacking can be used as a boon for the security of the nation. The strength that the unison of the hackers could make is also mentioned. The book is deeply researched and has thorough information of the hackers around the globe, communications, social celebrations and the life style of hackers.

The book describes the hacker culture, hair raising facts and sensational hidden info from the hidden side of cyber world. For the first time in India, Hackers from all over the country marked their presence on the launch. The book serves as a reference and guideline to the government to prevent any mishap and remain cyber protected.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon. Dy. CM Shri Chhagan Bhujbal said, “We are living in a digital era and nowadays everyone owns computers and is logged on the internet. Internet has rapidly changed our lives and everything is going online. Nowadays, small children are more aware about computers and networking.”

Computer hacking is often joked about using stereotypes and makes for interesting plot twists in movies, but the truth is that hackers pose a real threat to our financial security.

Defining cyber terrorism has been a challenge. Defining cyber terrorism as broadly as possible serves those who want to expand control over cyberspace.

With so many consumers using web sites for conducting financial transactions, working online, not to mention using online money transferring services, private and sensitive data are entered via personal computers. Malicious programmers (called hackers) write programs (viruses) that enable them to grab the details (such as the IP address) of consumers using banking web sites and people simply cannot tell when or how this type of activity takes place. With personal details and bank account numbers hackers can break in to computers and enter someone else's data to earn and transfer money that is not theirs.

“Today, it is necessary to protect the nation and its citizens from becoming a victim of cyber crime. By establishing a campaign named ‘Unite Hackers’, Newsmakers has taken a bold step towards cyber security” Bhujal further added.

Rahul Roy said “I own a business named One stop shop which offers online services like e-ticketing for airlines, buses, railways etc. Most of the transactions of my organisation are conducted through the internet. Kudos to Vaidehi for securing vulnerable websites those were prone to be hacked.”

Shaina NC said “When it comes to hacking, people have wrong opinion about it. With the changing times, hacking has evolved and become a part of mainstream business. If hacking is conducted ethically, it can not only secure a handful individuals but the entire nation as well.”

Shakti Kapoor shared some light moments with the audience and said “I have minimal knowledge about computers and hacking. Today even small kids are speaking about technology and are well versed with it. Hence most of the times, I interact with the children to learn about technology.”

Y. P said “The cyber police have powers but they lack technical knowledge to solve cyber crime related cases. ‘Cyber Terror’ can become an effective tool for the cyber crime police. This book can become an ideal reference for the cyber police to solve the crimes which are occurring in the cyberspace.”

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First Book on CYBER TERRORISM “Cyber Terror" Launched Successfully by Newsmakers Broadcasting & Communication Pvt. Ltd

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