Sunday, October 24, 2010

||Sharecash Downloader||

How to use it:
First of all, this is coded in VB.NET so it requires .NET Framework to run. It also requires Internet Explorer installed.

First, open the Sharecash Downloader and then type the Sharecash link in the textbox.

Then press "Navigate" and wait for 10-15 seconds.

Then press "Download" and your file should be download.

How do I convert mirrors back to $harecash

Open the Sharecash Reflector and type the URL of the mirror in the first textbox and then press "Reflect".

Now it should return you with $harecash link in the second textbox.
Download Link :

Rapidshare | Mediafire
PS : Its not my Application , Owner of this application is flAmingw0rm


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