Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DG of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Pakistan Warns all Pakistani Hackers

DG of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Pakistan Warns all Pakistani Hackers

It seems that the war between the two nations India and Pakistan will never come to an end. Though there is no physical war happening, both the nations are fighting using the cyber space.http://www.bharti-india.com/ was the latest victim of getting hacked by the Pakistani hackers group Brilliant. The website basically gives updates and information about the various kinds of shoes and products. The website was hacked on Sunday, and the other day it was restored. Pak hackers had left a message saying it is just the beginning and warned that more websites would be hacked in coming future.

In response to this ICA has decided to eye on Indian sites and restor them as soon as possible. When people are hoping for peace tie up between the two nations, these virtual wars are heating up hatred and spreading it in a hidden way. So far hundreds of websites have been already defaced by the Pakistani hackers but one of the patriotic group of Indian Hacker have been restoring the defaced websites.

Few days back Indian hackers had acted upon the challenge put up by one of the Pakistani hacker named cyber_swati. He had challenged saying that if the Indians had guts then hack his site and show. The Indian Cyber Army accepting the challenge had hacked his website on the very first of its launch. May be the hack of Bharti India was in reply to it.

Speaking to Amit Kumar Poddar, owner of the website http://www.bharti-india.com/ said, “I was shocked to see my website hacked and to read the message left by the hackers saying that it was just the beginning. I am thankful to Indian Cyber Army (INdishell) who came into rescue and restored my website within few minutes.”

Adding further he said, “We require hackers like Indian Cyber Army who are helping the nation and its people to be secure.” One of the member of the Intelligence agency said, “Indian Cyber Army is doing a wonderful job by protecting the nation’s cyber world. Hats off to ICA.”

When AV spoke to one of the DG of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Pakistan, he said, “We have not received any complaints related to this issue. If we get any written complaint or an email that would be treated as FIR & action would be definitely taken against the hacker and the group.

You can mail & contact to FIA Pakistan on below details:
  • Bashir - Peshawar - 9217801 / 9217813 dir.pesh@fia.gov.pk
  • Director Quetta ABU ASIM Zardari 9202774 9202285 dir.qta@fia.gov.pk
  • Director Karachi janab Aslam shaikh 9203082 9203081 dir.khi@fia.gov.pk
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