Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Download The Google Best Practices Guide eB | 9.5 MB

Download The Google Best Practices Guide eB | 9.5 MB

Doing business online for most of us depends on good search engine rankings. Today, that means ranking well in Google. With an organic search market share of over 57.1% and PPC click-through rates of 64.7% (some analysts put Google s search rates even higher) Your online marketing program may be dead in the water without good Google rankings. But with Google constantly changing their algorithms and filters how can you ensure your website stays at the top? The only guide you will need to improve your Google rankings, the Google Best Practices guide contains information not found anywhere else.

SEO techniques that have been proven through countless hours of testing on real domains. Here is the truth - this is not like your typical guide on search engine marketing. This guide contains real Search optimization information. We have thoroughly tested these optimization techniques and used them to build dominant sites. Let s face it, there are many Search Engine Gurus out there who claim to be best buddies with Matt Cutts of Google and that he gives them the secret inside information no one else knows. I have one question when I hear this: How long do you think Google would keep Matt around if he was leaking secret information about the Google search filters and algorithms? I think Matt s response to these claims would be, Who said that? Never met them. Let s get down to it. This guide is 178 pages of packed up-to-date content. That s over 43,000 words. And I don t hold anything back from my testing lab of more than 500 domains.

Here s a peak at what s included:

* SEO Is Dead - Gurus who don t understand SEO tell you SEO is dead. Their main objective is to sell you an inflated package of information you probably already know.
* SEO in a Box - SEO isn t difficult, it is understanding key factors and then doing them well. I outline a process which will give you better rankings for the terms which will earn you more revenue.
* The Title Tag. - Learn about this misunderstood weapon.
* Linking Strategies - Getting links isn t rocket science and it isn t about hiring someone overseas to submit your site to thousands of worthless directories. I will show you how to do it properly.
* Maximum Google Love - I ll show you how to setup your site to get the maximum Google Love. Even if you have no technical knowledge, I break things down so it is simple to understand and execute.
* Page Rank - The real Importance of Page Rank and how it can affect your rankings.
* Step-by-Step Web Development - Learn the proper step-by-step of web development to ensure your site meets the criteria of Google. Included is choosing a domain name, web hosting, site design, site structure, page size, content creation, keyword research, etc. If you are ready to dominate the competition, then get the guide now.

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