Monday, November 22, 2010

Download Unite Hackers Registration Form Here

Download Unite Hackers Registration Form Here

Vaidehi Sachin, Group editor of News Maker, took a revolutionary step with the support from intelligence sources, to unite all ethical & unethical hackers of India. Register them under cyber employment act & create a new young army for Cyber security of our country INDIA.The intention is to rehabilitate youth lured in cybercrime. For more details, you can write us on OR

"I request you all to support this campaign to unite all hackers of India under one roof to protect our country and make it cyber crime free. All hackers are not Criminals, they are the Heroes of the Computer Revolution. Let us make this country cyber protected with this young think tank, 73% hackers of India are in the age grup of 12 to 19, they don't have direction. Let us unite these think tanks and spread awareness.We will approach Hon. President of India along with appeal and signatures through this campaign."

When we lack experts in our own government system, why not unite these India hackers? They are also patriots and care for this nation’s security as any other citizen of this country. Why not assign these young hackers for the internet security and make our country cyber terror free.


Unite Hackers of India Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's): Ask Cat Techie Hacker, Vaidehi Sachin & Amarjit Singh

Unite Hackers : Unite All Hackers to Protect Country

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