Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Social networking sites are continuously gaining prominence in India and everyday thousands of people are becoming members of popular websites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Hi5 etc. There have been many technological advancements taking place in our country and now with globalization, knowledge of English language has become a necessity. With this, many Indian languages like Mararthi has taken a back seat. Looking at this issue, Sachin vaze, former encounter specialist has developed a social networking site laibhaari in Marathi on the lines of Facebook for catering to needy Marathi speaking population.

Maharashtra is an industrial state and is hub for traders, exporters and other business participants. Though there are many scholars, highly skilled persons, well literate Marathi speaking population, just owing to lack of English knowledge many of them remain behind and fail to compete with the world. Hundreds of youngsters are addicted to social networking sites and since it has become a medium of communication for various reasons like trade and commerce, friendship and relations, discussion on various topics. Speaking to AV, Sachin Vaze, founder of website Laibhaari said, “To bring in more and more Marathi people together and provide them a platform for socially interaction, Laibhari has been brought into existence.” The website have many features like other popular social networking sites and also it allows people to share Marathi culture, literature, songs, photos, videos and etc. The trial run of this website was started on November 10, 2010 and it will be official launched today at Hotel Kohinoor (opp. Siddhivinayak Temple). In just a couple of days since its trial run, the number count of members has reached 14000. “Worldwide, people work towards developing their language. But in India alone, non-Hindi people have to work towards preserving their language as it is on the decline after invasion of Hindi language and culture. This initiative will surely help Marathi people to be informed and be socially sounded,” said Mahesh Kulkarni, a college student

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