Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Google will release an exclusive Chrome Notebook

Google has been working on the Linux-kernel based Chrome OS for over a year now. Recent developments in the laptop components market indicate the arrival of Google Chrome OS running notebooks later this month. As per the component players, global brand vendors as well as Google will unveil Chrome OS running notebooks anytime. Google had promised to bring Chrome OS running netbooks in the later half of this year.

At the Computex 2010 Expo, Sundar Pichai, Google vice president for Product Management, said that Google is working to bring device later this year. The time has come when we'll see the first batch of Chrome OS notebooks/netbooks. Expect both notebooks and netbooks to support and run Chrome OS. Amongst other laptop makers, Google itself would be introducing Chrome Notebook just like the Nexus One arrived. This Chrome Notebook will feature ARM-based chipsets and might not be available through retail channel.

Google's Chrome notebook is expected to be manufactured by Inventec with initial shipments to reach 60,000-70,000 units reported the component makers. First the Chrome notebook will be launched and then the ones from Acer and HP will follow in December.

Let's hope that the first Chrome notebook comes with a solid and sleek Chrome OS and not a half baked cake like the Google TV. Of course one year's development might not have been enough but it was certainly carried on at a wider scale. Only time will tell whether we'll get to see Chrome Notebook and other netbooks running Chrome OS this year or not.

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