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The Hackers News Exposed: UNIX Bullshits on Social Engineering

The Hackers News Exposed: UNIX Bullshits on Social Engineering

Eunuchs Root Claims UNIX Fakes News

Read About the Face Off Story of The Hackers News Which Bullied Readers So Far.......

Dear readers, after a long break I am here. Hope you will enjoy this article on today's most sensational topic SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

So lets start...

Well today I have seen on one of the blog (A self claimed highest traffic hacking news blog/portal) with 2 articles on SOCIAL ENGINEERING. As they are calming very huge traffic on their blog, I am very confused that how they can get that much amount of traffic.

You can check it your self from various online resources that there daily hits is not more then 10 HITS.

I am giving you below 3 link. All the contents and even the pic displayed has been copy pasted AS IT IS from these link & all the below articles was published 6-7 months ago.

LINK-1: FBI details worst social networking cyber crime problems

LINK-2: Cyber Stalking and Smart Phones – Making Social Engineering Easier

LINK-3: Photo Graph Stolen From

I have feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others your news skills you are probably the slur on news and news reporting. All the articles you have posted on social engineering are way back stale stories. You have spoke about all high things unix, these are the things imposed by an intelligence authorities to misguide people like you. No intelligence has ever successful if they do not adopt social engineering on their target or criminal.

According to ALEXA - The Hackers News is an online Hacker News Organisation. We propagate news specifically related to information security threats, Hacking threads and issues from all over the world

Below is the comparison graph between & the hackers new bogus blog. Well This comparison is only because, even my graphs are so height and getting 1000 times more traffic. I am getting almost 1000 - 2000 hits per day. When my blog was on its peak, the total hits were 10,000 per day (2-3 months back).

There are 2,303,704 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than The site is based in the US. We estimate that 59% of visitors to this site come from India, where it has attained a traffic rank of 127,758, and the site has been online for at least five years.

Now lets talk about the hit counter they have configured showing hits. Well every bloggers and even any one who has a little knowledge of HTML ( which almost all hackers already have the same) is aware about this TRICK. This hit counter is editable.

Below is the HIT counter I just installed on my new blog. I have edited both the hit counters and unique page loads. Now to every visitor it will show that there were already 25,011 hits on my blog, but in actual it was a BIG ZERO. Now you got the point I want to say he he he heeee..!!
Regarding If social engineering I would like to warn those fake people that, if it is crime then you should be behind the bar for misguiding people with providing false ratings and info. Secondly you should be prosecuted for having multiple ids and fake approach. You are clamming to be partner with so many high profile organization, but NOTHING HAS BEEN MENTIONED ON THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Well don't worry baby....I understand. When you meet me next time I will recommend your blog name to all the those organization with whom you are clamming to be a PARTNERS...he he he he he..This remind me all fake self claimed ethical hackers...LOLZZXX..very funny.

Well its enough proofs with proper DOSE for this time..regarding real SOCIAL ENGINEERING then lemme clear you this fact that the study shows so far cases solved by social engineering are 70% and 12 % by third degree, 8% on the base of information and 20% cases either solved by the confession of accused or they go under trial for years and years. Narco analysis test is nothing but a kind of social engineering. The brain of criminal or accused is conditioned towards probe before they are put under any machine or tests.

Social engineering is a very huge subject which is taught to marketing and communication students so that they can convince the client and get business. Earlier days even today social engineering has altogether in computer security, social engineering is a term that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking other people to break normal security procedures. A social engineer runs what used to be called a "con game" sometimes “game to crack a con”.

Now just have look on the above pic...wonderful example of social engineering. Lemme explain to all my fellow readers that when ever a person using social engineering to break into a computer network would try to gain the confidence of someone who is authorized to access the network in order to get them to reveal information that compromises the network's security. They might call the authorized employee with some kind of urgent problem; social engineers often rely on the natural helpfulness of people as well as on their weaknesses. Appeal to vanity, appeal to authority, and old-fashioned eavesdropping are typical social engineering techniques.

Now a days even if you have to propose a girl you need to have social engineering.

Another aspect of social engineering relies on people's inability to keep up with a culture that relies heavily on information technology. Social engineers rely on the fact that people are not aware of the value of the information they possess and are careless about protecting it. Frequently, social engineers will search dumpsters for valuable information, memorize access codes by looking over someone's shoulder (shoulder surfing), or take advantage of people's natural inclination to choose passwords that are meaningful to them but can be easily guessed. Security experts propose that as our culture becomes more dependent on information, social engineering will remain the greatest threat to any security system. Prevention includes educating people about the value of information, training them to protect it, and increasing people's awareness of how social engineers operate. But now a day’s latest tools and technologies have grown in tremendous fashion, with which you can get into someone’s computer or system anonymously without his or her knowledge, the news you gave needs strong amendments as the law related to the subject.

If Social networking site users are hackers and you are hardcore hacker’s news provider then you should have basic sense off knowing that no hacker is vulnerable to social engineering.

You have made every one victim to the schemes due to the higher level of trust typically displayed while using your stupid cheap web sites. Practice what you preach miss or Mr or probably a gay you Unix, I can reach your home in a few hours from here and disclosed can disclose your facts to world.

Just give me one answer that when I reach up to you home, where will you hide your face? Smartness is good over smartness is curse. Correct the news and publish don’t misguide people. Else it may become eunuchs root.

Wait for the next post on the revelation of The Hackers News Exposed

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