Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hackers shut down Saudi education ministry website

The Saudi education system is one of the most hateful modes in the world. This is due to the official state doctrine of Wahhabi: an extreme ideology born in the 1700s. At the heart of Wahhabi is not only misogyny, but xenophobia.

This is a fanatical ideology that exhibited hatred of “the other”. But the other is not only non-Muslims, but even Muslims. Wahhabis attack just as viciously sects in Islam and particularly Shiites. 20% of the Saudi population is Shiite and this minority has been repressed and denied equal rights and, although there has been a loosening of this policy of prejudice against a fifth of the people, academic As’ad AbuKhalil says the new lenience amounts to “we’ll allow you to live with your heads on your shoulders”.

Stat education preaches this given that the Wahhabi clerics directly control male education and heavily influence the education of females. To give you a sense of their fanaticism: until recently the Wahhabis controlled girls’ education, but it was removed from their auspicious after a band of the religious police blocked the exit of a burning school until the girls put on their veils. Many of the girls died, nay were killed we must say, and the ensuing uproar led to even the Saudi royals to finally take some action against the royals and removed girls’ education away from the clerics and to the government. And the individual now over seeing these girls’ schools is a Saudi princess who is the first female ever to serve in a cabinet in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government has also taken some reforms to moderate the textbooks. A lot of preachments of hate and extremism have been removed, but a lot more needs to be done as The Economist recently report: Saudi parents were stunned to start the new school year this fall and see that even though these texts were reformed in a 7th grade textbook for 12-year olds there was an instruction that Muslims should not shake the hands of non-Muslims. The Wahhabi fanaticism is hard to kill.

Given the standards of education in Saudi Arabia, the hijacking of the ministry’s website is something to be cheered:

The Saudi education ministry’s website was shut down on Monday after hackers posted pictures of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and a youth wielding a syringe.

Hackers calling themselves the “True Promise Team” posted Nasrallah’s picture and blasted Saudi treatment of the kingdom’s minority Shiites in the first hack, according to a cached version of the page published on the news website.

They signed it with the name of Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s top Shiite cleric.

Saudi Arabia is predominantly Sunni Muslim.

The first page was subsequently replaced by another hack, carrying a photo of a syringe-wielding young man or woman, the cache of which could be accessed through Google.

That page appeared to give the pseudonyms of several hackers.

Anything they put up there could not be worse than Wahhabi trash which is revered by the clerics.

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