Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hacks for Facebook Chat

Chatting on Facebook is quite easy. Everybody can use it. It does not use an application, but is web-based
and appears at the bottom of every Facebook page, informing users which of their friends are online and available to chat. This facillity officially launched on April 6, 2008, and the fact some user may not maximize this one-to-one chat because of lacking information. This article purpose is basicly simple: Optimize the usage.
Chat On the Firefox Sidebar | light-hack
To run the Facebook chat messenger from Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Bookmarks Organizer. Now go to Organize -> New Bookmark, named it as you want and type this address: Also tick the check-box the says “Load this bookmark in the sidebar“. You may save this under “Bookmarks Toolbar” so you can open Facebook chat window in a single click.
Now to use this hack, press Ctrl+B to use sidebar, then Click the name you add before. Now chat in Facebook will never bother you again plus when you open other tab except facebook, you still can chat :)
[From Scrappur]

Video tut

Thanks to Chintan gurjar & Anant Shah. for this Video

Simple Text Formatting | light-hack
you can use star (*) or (_) before and after some text to make it bold or underline.
E.g. adding *something* will be something and using _something_ will be something
Emoticon on Chat | light-hack
There some hidden code to display emoticons on facebook chat. Use this list below,
Remember those codes, so you can easily insert emoticons when you chat :)
Emoticons Bar | advance-hack | Firefox only
Install the Greasemonkey , and install Facebook Chat Emoticons Bar from the And.. voila!
Chat Outside The Browsers | not-a-hack
Chat using the browser sometimes quite annoying, this is not a hack-category, just alternatives for you. You can use Digsby (win/Lin/Mac), Pidgin (Win/Lin) or Adium (Mac).
Those applications are absolutely free. But if you like to use Pidgin (which formerly named Gaim) you should install Facebook Chat Plugin
[from addictivetips]
Facebook Chat Remover | advance-hack | Firefox only
Bother of chat while browsing?
Install the Greasemonkey and then use Facebook Chat Remover v2

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  1. heu ..can anyone tell me ...hw can we use color text in facebook chat....?