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Kevin Mitnick Facebook Facts Exposed

Kevin Mitnick Facebook Facts Exposed

I am surprised to see 102 face book profiles of Kevin Mitnick (this figure is my research there can be even more I am not aware). Some used his own picture to create fake profile and some just using his name and some of them are far beyond this and advanced, they have created his webpage hand face book profile exactly matching Wikipedia. Why one has to misuse such legendary hackers profile no one knows, but these shameless Kevin’s around face book are fooling people. They are misguiding other hackers. Look at Cattechie,s friend list ,you will find twelve Kevin Mitnicks in Eastman colour. I am scared of these rougs, hope they are not fooling the kids around. Why? One has to do this? I know you are hackers, sometimes cannot afford to expose your face or revile your identity or what so ever it your personal choice, but who gave you right to disguise Kevin? If someone goes mad and takes action against these number of Kevins’, then definitely these people can be prosecuted under identity theft, and tracing these people won’t d be difficult for Mitnick. Be careful while using such people’s profiles, under new testimony of cyber laws identity theft is acknowledged as heinous crime. The punishment allotted is six years jail or compensations demanded by the person whose identity is misused.

The most Hilarious part is that the hackers are bee lined to be part of his friend list, and some of over enthusiastic hackers even don’t leave the chance of commenting at his wall post, assuming that they are impressing the real Mr. Kevin. Poor my hacker friends please hoot out such fakes, and prove you have head on shoulder.

Yesterday this fake Kevin sent me a private message; at first place I was impressed. I thought oh Kevin sir made my day, but when I read message that pissed me off because recently we have done beautiful coverage on him, one long documentary. Please friends stop using fake profiles of big people. One day you may land up paying heavy price.

Do you all know just how he become knows as “Cyberspace’s Most Wanted? At an early age He was part of a gang of hackers in Los Angeles and tapped into a computer system at Monroe High School. At 17, he stole manuals from Pacific Bell and also stole software from Microport Systems of Santa Cruz, getting probation both times due to his age. In 1988, he was convicted of computer fraud. Judge Mariana Pfaelzer likened Mitnick's hacking to a drug addiction and ordered him into therapy, prohibiting him from using a computer or telephone while in prison. He served one year. By June 1992, Mitnick had gone to work for Teltec Investigations, Inc., in Calabasas, Los Angeles County. In late September of that year, FBI agents asked to search Mitnick's office. A warrant had been issued accusing Mitnick of violating the terms of his federal probation, which forbade him to access a computer illegally. At the same time, the California Department of Motor Vehicles accused him of posing as a law enforcement officer to gain classified information and possibly to create false identities for himself. According to an affidavit, the FBI was conducting a computer- and wire-fraud investigation into computer hacking, including unauthorized entry into Pacific Bell Telephone Co. computers.

Mitnick was named as a suspect, and at that point, he officially went on the run. Leading up to the 1990s, Mitnick had committed dozens of technology crimes costing companies millions of dollars. In December 1995, Tsutomou Shimomura, a renowned computer security expert, found that his systems had been breached. The assailant had been successful in stealing data from Shimomura’s computer that was used in programming cell phones and security systems. The value of the software taken was considered to be over $500,000. Mitnick had made himself an electronic key to the computer systems so that he could enter at will; then, after stealing the data he wanted, he attempted to restore the system to its original state before the break-in. By editing log files, Mitnick had staged a scene to direct attention away from the crime. Thus, Shimomura, after many days of hard work, was able to verify that the attack had happened, but little more. Shimomura contacted his connections at the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Kevin Mitnick Facebook Facts Exposed

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