Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING: Nothing beyond the welfare of hackers

This is very SAD to express here on the blog that both the writers (Cat & Myself) have contacted by several hackers & hacking groups yesterday. Every body was giving their own excuses to remove the post Where Are Hero Hackers?? Forgotten Hero Hackers By Cat Techie from this blog. They suggest us to post some good good about those hackers. We are in very confused mindset that how all of this sudden is happening as none of the hacker has gave us a genuine reason to remove the post except to say..."remove real names", "post only good good about hackers", "remove the post", " every hacker will go against you" and many more...blah blah.

The hilarious part here I would like to share is, one of well known hacker on cyber space who wanted to show how poor we are in investigation and we are foolish, he confessing his friends to convey that he is the one who provided all the information but finally he fallen into his own pit. The person who claimed high, finally has beg us to remove the post...BUT THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING. Only wait for next 2 days and will tell you why the post was published and what was the motto behind it.

I am sure the all our hacker friends will be overwhelming with the thought which we posses now. This information neither provided by any hacker nor by any sources. This is our pure research work. If any hacker is claiming that he has provided us that information, I am very sorry becoz that hacker has to face abusing from his own hackers community. But under any circumstances we are not going to remove the post becoz we have not written any thing wrong, incorrect or in genuine. The coded names which we have exposed, if you Google are available on internet easily every where.

Its CAT & Amar or Amar & CAT blog so on good relations and terms we can remove the post, what about other blogs picked the article and published it. There are several blogs picking articles from our blog and posting it. How can you maintain to remove from that blogs also.

I seriously feel sorry for impotency of hackers as they are claiming to hack so many of the things like servers and sites then why don't they claim to hack my blog and remove the post ?? It should be very easy for them as all are ACEKA hackers. I want tell every hacker that to deface a site is very very easy but to hack a blog is not a child's play.

We are not against any hacker but we want to request all my hackers friend, as cattie has already posted this on her blog, that give us valid reasons WHY CAT SHOULD NOT DO THIS OR WHY I SHOULD NOT DO IT so that we will drop the plan to bringging out the book CYBER TERROR if it is dead favor of hackers.

Nothing beyond the welfare of hackers. Every thing is only for the hackers and hacker community but they should approach us and convience us.
We have freedom of expression is we have not published anything on story telling base.

Who the Inject0r are, Why Inject0r closed, Where these g00ns gone. How Inject0r getting money...all this is big story telling. Keep visit and read sansational underground truth everyday. The Good, Bad & Ugly of Inject0r will be published soon here. Till then keep commenting & visiting.

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