Sunday, November 28, 2010

[TUT] Spread Via Facebook | Drive By Download | FUD Forever | 100% Working/Noob Proof

[+]You must have a webhost or know how to set one up, I'm not explaining how to set up a website.
[+]The file you want to spread, obviously recommended that the file you want to run is also FUD.

1)Download Needed Files
First step is downloading the needed files, in this archive there is three files, the java applet, 

the 'index.html' web page and a picture, these are the only files you need. Don't ask me to 
post a virus scan because if you really think a virus scan would detect anything in java anyway then
 you clearly won't be able to follow this tutorial. I've uploaded it to several sites to please everyone.

2)Set Up Your Facebook App
We are now going to setup our facebook app, we won't edit everything we need yet, we just want to

 get a working link so that we can create our like button. 
You will need a facebook account to register a facebook app.

Click this link to go to the create app page -

[Image: beTc3.jpg]

Now fill in the name you want for your application, the source is for a facebook 'love' 

button so if your not editing the html page you might want to name it something regarding that.

Click next, then click 'facebook integration'.

[Image: w1ITG.jpg]

On this page the only thing you need to fill in is the 'Canvas Page' this allows you to use a facebook 

URL for your like button. Fill it in with a name regarding your facebook page,
 it can't already be taken. Then click save changes.

[Image: 8nQFO.jpg]

3)Create Your Like Button
Now were going to create a like button to help spread our app, we want to spread the actual canvas 

rather than the app profile which is why were making an extra like button which goes directly to
the app, meaning when someone clicks it in a news feed etc it will download straight away.

Go to this link -

The only bit you need to fill in is the URL of the page this is the bit you just filled in about the 

canvas so it will be ''

[Image: UzJgR.jpg]

Click 'Get Code' and copy the IFRAME code to notepad or something so you can use it later.

4)Editing Your 'index.html'
We now need to edit our html file so open it in anything that you can edit it with, notepad if you 

have to.

Note: At this stage you must have your file that you want to spread uploaded to your web host, 

it cannot be a site such as megaupload it must be a direct link ending in .exe.

Look for

change that to the direct link for your file you want to spread.

Next look for
obviously replace this with the iframe code you just got for your like button.

Note: If you test the page when it isn't uploaded to the web host it will not function correctly.

5)Upload Your Files
This is the easy part, now just upload your three files to your web host.

6)Editing Your App
Now we need to edit your app to display the content of the files you just uploaded. 

If you want to see all of your apps you have created
click this link -

Click on the app you just made 'Edit Settings' this will get us back to allow us to edit the 

canvas settings.

Navigate to the page we were on before and now were going to fill in the canvas URL, fill it in

with the url where the files are, it must end with a '/'. I recommended uploading your files to a 
sub directory. E.g. ''

[Image: 9iFyu.jpg]

Click save settings.

To test it, try opening a new browser and visiting your app:

You should see something like:

[Image: nb06l.jpg]

Click run and your file with download and execute.

Click the like button for it to show up on your friends news feeds and start spreading.

Note: Victimes must have java, however on the page it has instructions for the slave

 if they don't have java.


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