Tuesday, July 19, 2011

||How to Hack Facebook Status||

Most of us know that Facebook allows us to update our status using our mobile phone. This feature is called Facebook Text. If you have Facebook Text enabled, you have to just type in the status and send this message to “923223265″ using your registered mobile phone. Facebook will automatically update your status.
So, in this Facebook hack, we will use SMSGlobal to change the status of your friend. SMSGlobal allows us to send message to any number from anyone’s number. That is, we will send Facebook a fake SMS from your friend’s registered mobile number.
Facebook will think that the message has been sent by your friend and his status will be updated according to the message contents sent by us. So, stop searching Google for “how do you hack a Facebook account” and simply follow the guidelines below.

Steps to be Followed
1. Go to SMSGlobal site and register for an account. Refer my previous article How to send Fake SMS for more information.
2. After logging in to your account, click on “Send SMS to a Number” to see the following screen:

3. Enter the information as follows:
Send SMS To: 919232232665
Sender ID From: The registered mobile number of your friend.
Message: The status you want to update for your friend. Enter anything you want. It will appear as your friend’s new status.
Hit on Send SMS.
For Indian friends, make sure you add “91″ before entering mobile numbers. For other countries, add your respective country code before the mobile numbers.
4. Now, Facebook will update your friend’s status to the message you have sent. Thus, you have successfully hacked your friend’s Facebook account. This was the result when I tried this hackon one of my friends profile
Thus, you can hack Facebook account of your friend without even knowing the password. Gone are the days when people were crazy in hacking Facebook account password!!!
Note: This Facebook hack will work only for accounts with a registered mobile number. So, make sure that your friend has registered his mobile number with Facebook. If he has not, ask him to register his mobile phone telling him about some new unique feature of Facebook.
You can register your mobile phone by going to:
Account -> Account Settings. Select Mobile tab and hit on “Register For Facebook Text Messages”.

How to prevent this Facebook hack:

The best way to avoid this Facebook hack is to turn off “Facebook Text Messages” feature. You can do so by switching to Mobile tab in Account Security and hitting on “remove” just besides your registered mobile number.
Enjoy Hacking...


  1. Thanks Alot Br0 .. You Really Rock With This Article :-)) , Nice Job Keep It Up .

  2. i dont think it is working any more..in d sent sms report,it says invalid number

  3. Roshni its workin 100% dont 4get to add country code before the number..

  4. AV, can I send you a question via email?

  5. @maria yes u cn...but if pssble post ur question's here only so dat doubts of oder ppl also get cleared

  6. @maria to get the status update the person should have registered his or her mobile no. on facebook...and all the sms must be sent to 9232232665 including country code to hack status

  7. @AV-This trick is nt working with smsglobal now.
    it was working earlier.....
    have to try with any other sms forging site.
    Your blog is quiet nice :)

  8. @pawan GuPta yeah it nt working ill soon update it with other anonymous sms site so that trick will work agn....thnks for the comment

  9. Not work..
    Not Download..

  10. @anonymous their is nothing to download. This trick only works if your victim has registered his cell number on facebook

  11. Yo any new updates on any anonymous sms sites?

    1. try this http://www.sendanonymoussms.com/

  12. //www.sendanonymoussms.com/
    ths site is quite difrnt to wrk wth need ur hlp?