Thursday, August 25, 2011

[TUTORIAL][script] Install V6 Supercharger for SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE

Thnks To XDA member zeppelinrox. & royskeyz

Hello ACE user's I proudly present you the best of the best script ever made, created by zeppelinrox.

Well, the V6 Supercharger Script is an excellent tool to fix memory management on Android 2.3, just because the Gingerbread is very aggressive in memory management.

For best details on what this script do to your beloved phone visit his thread, he doesnt say this will run in ACE but i manage and tried to install in my phone and it works fine and now i say this is the best experience since i got this phone in my hands.

here we go.

1. Download busybox installer from market
2. Download script manager from market.(make sure you instal this in INTERNAL memory)
3. Download
4. Rootexplorer and of course you must be rooted.


1. Run busybox installer and install busybox v1.18.2 (this will downgrade our current busybox v1.18.4) we need this because v1.18.3 above will cause an error which is not.

2. Run and configure script manager press the MENU button and go to MORE and then in ADVANCED OPTIONS and now in CONFIG and tick "browse as root" and leave other fields un-touch and exit.

3. Download V6 supercharger update8 script in original thread above and put in root of your sd card.

4. Run script manager by default it views the root of your sdcard find your downloaded V6 supercharger script and click/touch to it another window will appear tick "run as root" then run the script.

5. You will see the script running first chose a scrolling speed from 1-3 by touching the screen for the keyboard to pop-up (i prefer 3 for slow so you can follow the progress) then press enter in your keyboard.

6. Now you will see an option from 1-17 it has different value each option, select option 6 (balance 3) its the best for me, you can try other options of course, now press enter after typing # 6, wait to finish the scipt from running.

7. Now type option 16 to reboot the phone, the script will autorun, thats it enjoy and fell the greatness of your phone.

To check that the script is running and working please do step 4 and 5 and see attached image encircled in red if you have the same value then your good.

Any problem if you got please feel free to post below


  1. what is mean by do not run the V6 SuperCharger install script at boot?? sorry i'm a newbie

  2. what is mean by do not run the V6 SuperCharger install script at boot?? sorry i'm a newbie

  3. @norarif Look at the 4th step der ull see "run as root" & "run at Boot" just click on "run as root" thats it

  4. are awesome...

  5. how to root galaxy ace ?i m on 2.3.4 ddkq6

  6. @aashu Just download the file's below
    place them in your sd card.reboot your phone in recovery mode which can be done by holding the Middle button and then Power ON the device by pressing the Power ON button.In recovery mode, you will see the option called update from SD Card, select this option and then you will see that the list of files will come from which you will have to select the file which is named as install it and you are done

    To unroot follow same procedure just select file instead of

  7. after reboot is it necessary to repeat the same steps