Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to crack MD5 hashes

MD5 is not an encryption, and therefore cannot be decrypted, only cracked.

First off, download "Password Pro" from here.
It is a zip file, so I suggest downloading 7zip.
Extract all of the files to one folder.
It should look similar to this.
[Image: 11987894.png]

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be cracking this hash: "6dcd0f272fbb7f6f8ff3a8a5e96c45aa:Ws)", which is formatted as "Hash:Salt", and is from VBulletin 4.x.x.

Open up notepad, paste in the Hash and salt, and save it anywhere on your computer, preferably in the same folder as Password Pro.
[Image: 56139940.png]

Open up Password Pro and go to "File->Import"
[Image: 84755402.png]

Find the place where you saved the text file with the hash inside of it, and open it.
Fill in the boxes as such.
[Image: 13377943.png]
Note: The bottom is the formatting of the hash and salt in the text file, and the top is the algorithm for VBulletin 4.x

Now, go to "Audit->Preliminary Attack"
(For this hash, as it is simple, it should probably crack it with just this.)
[Image: 63893726.png]
Hit the start button, and watch it go.
[Image: 70193249.png]

If, in the case that a Preliminary Attack does not work, just repeat the previous steps with a Rainbow Attack (If you have a Rainbow Table), a Simple Dictionary Attack, or a Brute Force Attack.


  1. buddy yeh http:// md5decrypter . com pe ho ni rahi decrypt!! saari nahi hoti hain kya udhar? aur iss software se saari ho jayengi kya? O_O

  2. On MD5 u only decrpyt hash password not the salted one..with this soft u can even crack the hash + salted one :))

  3. dude, will every hash+salt be cracked through this method.. ?

  4. @Arjun yeah it should jus try changing the attacks