Saturday, December 24, 2011

||Symlink Video Tut + Tools||

Hi Guys on special demand of my Readers and Followers i am presenting symlink video tut for you
Sorry for video being too long as my net was slow and as it was first video tut on symlink had to describe in detail
This is just a simple video on symlink  more advanced video will be posted soon
watch it online

Video is also accepted on

Njoy the video
Download video (25mb)

For any doubts fell free to comment


  1. thnks for sharing LIVE hacking....u r awaysome

  2. dude thanks let me try BTW can you upload c99 shell u are using?

  3. @ayush gupta The shell u see in the tut are 404 error shell and gny shell both are their on blog

  4. Awsm tutorial.. thnx 4 sharing
    BTW can you give me the list of songs which were used in the video??

  5. @Nitish
    1. Why This Kolaveri Di - English R&B Remix By Arjun
    2. Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
    3. Soulja Boy Tell Em - Crank That
    4. flipsyde someday

  6. Bro, i uploaded .htaccess file and jaguar.irzi file..
    But when i try to access directory it gives error.. :\

    Something lyk 500 error..
    access error.. :|

    What to do???? :|

    1. You have to give 755 file permission to jaguar.irzi to make it work

  7. hello AV first tell me in vedio u alreadt uplad the shell in website so how to i m upload it ??????

    1. Watch this video
      their are many ways to upload shell by finding vulnerability this is one of them

    2. Hi brother how are you hope u'll fine :)
      and btw this video is not working please make a video you said that (their are many ways to upload shell by finding vulnerability this is one of them) please make a video some of them famous and easiest ways and please tell me about symlink, if i upload a shell in a website so by symlink method i access to other site means i hack other site by symlink tools and mehtod????? & we check a sql valun site by putting a single ( ' ) quote in the end of the url if it is valun it gives us an error like this is a symlink valun site give us an erro????? how we check a symlink valun site that is symlink valun.and your symlink tools media fire link is also not correct brother in your reply please give me symlink tools all symlink stuff please please give your reply thanks for reading and understanding :)
      waiting for your reply brother :)

  8. superbbbbbbb!!!!!

  9. Replies
    1. AV, can you give me your fb link??

  10. hey AV..
    I see your video on symlink. and is very nice & easy to understand..
    but i still have a problem when i follow the same steps.. i mention what i do..

    In your vidoe u create the "abc" and "xyz" directory in public_html directory.
    in my case when i create the both directory in public_html directory, It's denied me to do this b'coze directory is not writable.

    now i create the directory in
    b'coze here i have full writing permission..
    now i upload two file as u mention in video and give full permission 0777 to both files..

    now in new tab when i open jaguar.izri.izri file
    it show me error "Internal Server Error"..

    please tell me if i do some thing wrong or forget to do some thing

  11. the tut video has been deleted from both medifire and vimeo..
    pls re-upload

  12. All Links Are not Working :(
    security tube , vimeo , media fire ....
    All r deleted :'(

  13. Yeap if u want to upload fiel do it on:

  14. i will upload this again, if i have a copy. :) Please re-upload thanks