Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hash Identifier

Well no worries, zerofreak coded an identifier so that it'll ease you through your hash cracking process.
Here's a screenshot:
[Image: 9GMa6.png]

1.Can detect most hashes including:
►MySQL 5

2. Very easy to use and friendly user interface
Virus Scan:

And no it's no a virus nor a trojan or any other malicious bullshit
zerofreak be sharing the source code directly after the coming up next version of this app
In the mean time, for those of you who think it's an infection, Run it SandBoxed and see for yourself.
I don't mean to cause any infection to anyone

Screen shot of Sandbox:
[Image: nNR8w.png]

Features on the next version:
1. More types of hashes will be added
2. Hashes with Salts identifier
3. Ways on cracking the hash will also be added
4. Hash Cracking tips and websites
Greetz and Shout outs:
Hooded Robin,-Downfall,Zer0Pwn,Haxor,zer0cool,kobez,Dan,
Team Intra,Zer0Lulz,BeggfoMercy
Capt.Morgan,V1PER,~!White!~ VipVince, Intercept,webb,benzi, Techie, Awakened
Hope you guys will find this useful, specially when you web hack
This is 100% coded by zerofreak using VB.Net
Will be coding it on C# for the next upcoming update
zerofreak be sharing the source code soon and to those who are really into coding



  1. Thank you for the post mate
    I like your website
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks a lot bro u appreciating yourself is a gr8t honour for me:))

    2. Always anytime bro
      I'm always here if you need help :D
      Pm me on HF if you need anything :)

  2. can`t use.. its say :

    Application has generated and exception that could be handled

    1. try installing dot net framework 2 or more