Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What are Keyloggers??

Hey This is a very basic tutorial on Keyloggers.

After Reading this tutorial you will be enough clear on what are keyloggers,

how they work, how to use them, different types of keyloggers, what is the

keyword FUD, How to detect them, how to infect your victim with any of the

Key logger server.

So lets start with the very basic about the Key loggers. Yeah its quite

clear by its name that its a device or a Software that is used to Log the

keys. So lets see what are they Types of Key loggers available.

1. Offline keylogger.
2. Email Keylogger.
3. FTP keyloggers.
4. PHP keyloggers.
5. Hardware keyloggers.

So a offline keylogger is basically a Keylogger that Keylogs the victim and

save those logs in the same Machine so it dont need any internet connection

to work. But these kind of keyloggers need physical access to the Machine to

get it installed and get the Keylogs file. I guess you are not much

interested in such keyloggers..

Now lets give a look to Email loggers....yeah these keylogers are

configured to send the keylogs on email so yeahhhh...you would love them to

get your victims all the passwords and email accounts and all the details

sent to you on your mail account.....damn these days kids are really


okey!! well Email Keyloggers makes the logs data quite messy but yeah here

comes the FTP keyloggers which are configured to send the keylogs on FTP and

yeah these keylogs are really easy to read and fun to use.

PHP keyloggers...hmmm these kinda keyloggers are new...ahmm not actually new

but yeahh newer than the others. So these are the keyloggers that send the

data to a php file and that php file save that data in the hosting. so Such

keylogger bieng new are not usually easily detected by the Keyloggers.

hmmmm Hardware keyloggers..such keyloggers are just for professional

use...coxz i dont think that you will love to spend your money in getting

that device which need physical access to the machine as well.

so using them is not at all a big deal...it just you need to buy them so

leave it i dont wanna waste our time talking much about them.

i dont thing you are that n00b that you cant install a offline keylogger in

victim pc. Coz a Offline keyloggers needs simple installation. Lets talk

about how to install a remotely installable keylogger in victims pc.

there are many ways you can install a Keylogger in victim pc remotely some

of them are:

sending the Server using email.
sending the server using Social engineering on SOcial Networking Sites.
Sending the server using Pendrive
Hide them under games or any software which your frends need.
Hide them Under WOrd or PDF Files

Okey i dont need to tell you much about the above ways of sending the

keylogger in victim pc.....hmm lemme tell you that server is the executable

file that is specially configured to get installed in a hidden mode on a one

time execution.

Many times people have problem sending keylogger in a mail. yeah right most

of the email providers block exe files as attachment. yup so here is an easy

way just upload yours server on any webhosting and send its link when the

user will click it will automatically downloaded.

Hiding your server in other application needs a special software called

Binders. These are used to Bind two exe files or JPG or any pdf or DOC files

with a exe.

Okey but if you want to hide them under a Word or PDF file then you need to

do this with metasploit. HOw to do this???!! ahmm its out of reach of this

Tutorial [:D]

what is FUD...if you dont know it then its FUlly UnDetectable. YOu can also

make your keylogger server undetectable using Crypters. and some other ways

which will be discussed later in my Next tutorail.

Happy hacking have fun.

Soure:-Bluff Master Hacker