Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hello Guys this is AV It’s been a long time I have posted anything
So here is my new tut on creating RAT (REMOTE ADMINISTRATIVE TROJAN)
What will be learning today?
       Port forwarding for rat
2      Making account on
3      Setting up your RAT (ill be using DARKCOMMET RAT for the tut)
Sadly Darkcommet project has come to and end. Its was the best free rat tool available on the net a big thanks to the creator DarkcoderSC for creating this tool.
Ok Guys lets start First thing is port forwarding
Go to Run-->Cmd--> and type ipconfig

You will see default gateway address. Enter that in your browser to enter your router settings

See port forward option in your router. Im using MTNL so ill tell how I port forward in my router
Go to Advanced Setup-->NAT-->Virtual Server you will see the following screen

Port 1604 is recommended for Darkcommet
In you local ip address enter your IPv4 address you got from ipconfig
Just save it
And to confirm that your port is running visit
ok here is the end of part one related to port forward
Now the second part is creating host on
Go to and register your account, activate and login in to your account you will see the below screen

Click on ADD Host
Add a hostname and select or whatever of your choice
Now go n click on create host

 Once its done you will see the below screen

Then go to download and download DNS update client according to your OS
Install it in your pc
When you open it you will see the below screen

Just enter your id and password
After that when it enters you will see the below screen

Here you should see the hostname you created on
Tick mark on it and save..
And finally if all things are done correctly. You will see the below screen

Ok Guys Now our Port forward + host is ready. Now will Move to our darkcommet

First Download Darkcommet from the below link
Once u download  it extract and open it
Note:- AV will start detecting it as virus so disable it
once you run it below screen you will see

 Once you Open it click on word Darkcommet and go to client settings

Once you do that below screen will Pop up. in that go to no-ip updater
Note:- to have darkcommet skin like me go to client setting and in Main Window Border Style Select Ubuntu

In No-Ip Host write the host name you created on
and enter you username and password of and click on update
and the close it and go back to Darkcommet

Ok Now will create rat Click again on Darkcommet-->server Module-->full editor
you will see the below screen

Give profile Name whatever you can see Process Mutex after that Random Button click on it for 5-10 times

Now click on network settings

Enter your no-ip Created Dns in IP/DNS and port 1604 and click on ADD.
Then go to Module Startup

Just Have the same settings or change as per you need.
Remeber Never tick mark on Melt File after first execution.
Then go to install message
ill skip that if you want to give any message when your file is run tick mark it and write your message
Go to Module Shield and keep the below settings or as per your need

 Then Click on Keylogger By default Active keylogger on server Startup is tickmared. But if you want keyloges to your FTP account you owned. JUst set it accordingly.
Then Go to File Binder. Browse the file which you want your RAT to be combined. Browse it and click on ADD File
Then go to choose icon choose icon whichever you want
and den go to stub finalization

And click on Build the stub and save it where you want
Now you RAT is ready :)
Make a Google search and search for Crypters or Method to Make your RAT FUD
Spread you rat via torrents or use innovative ways like with Some hacking SOftware name etc..
Go to Darkcomet n click on listen port and eneter 1604 and click on listen

Once your rat is Run you will see Victim in Users like this

Thanks Guys For reading the tut hope you will it. For any queries or any problem please fill free to comment

Note:- Tut is only for educational purpose. The writer for website is not responsible for any Damage done or Caused because of the above Mentioned Tut. Do it at your own risk!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing : Av , This will help us to learn lot of things..

  2. bro can you give me the download link of darkcomet

    1. Download link is given in the tut read it properly you will find it!!

  3. i think that darkcomet contain malware

    1. No its the original version which was made available by the developer. as its and old software many antivirus detect it as malware