Thursday, October 25, 2012

|| CRLF Injection by Un_N0n Antil0g ||

Biography of Author
Gurender Singh A.K.A Un_N0n Antil0g is Learner and Independent IT security researcher , currently working with Team Indi HeX And ICP Helping new people in field of hacking and security. He is Admin of Team Indi HeX. And Admin of Indian Cyber Police with Nipun jaswal , Chetan Soni , COde InjectOr.

CRLF Injection Vulnerability is a web application vulnerability happens due to direct passing of user entered data to the response header fields like (Location, Set-Cookie and ETC) without proper sanitations, which can result in various forms of security exploits. Security exploits range from XSS, Cache-Poisoning, Cache-based defacement, page injection and ETC.

Download the paper from Here

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