Thursday, March 14, 2013

Zitrr Camera : Joy of iPhone photography

➜ App description
‘Serious CAMERA, Seriously POWERFUL’ – with 12 LIVE Effects, 12 LIVE Filters, 10 LIVE Lenses, 8 Unique Shooting Modes, No-frills Aviary Editor, Responsive Gallery, and Instant-Sharing Options!
‘Joy of iPhone Photography’ – with Zitrr Camera
Zitrr Camera is here to bring the richest of photography experience to your iPhone! Embedded with an amazingly fast Camera engine, the App gives you the best-in-class shooting experience, and a luxury to switch between myriad shooting modes in a nick of time!
With an incredibly beautiful user-interface, the App has been meticulously designed for a seamless navigation experience. Intuitive slide and escape gestures makes the App even more exceptional and fun to use!
With a number of feature-adding updates lined-up, Zitrr Camera is just set to feed your iPhone’s Camera forever! Remember, Zitrr Camera is made for a Joyous YOU, and for your ‘Joy of iPhone Photography’.
✓ A Live Camera App with a whole new set of Effects, Filters and Lenses to choose from!
✓ Full-HD Video recording toggle option for a complete iPhone Photography experience!
✓ 34 Live Presets (Effects, Filters and Lenses) – even for Video Shooting!
✓ 6 different composition modes with Grids, Golden ratio, etc for professional photographers 
✓ Full-featured Image Editor with Enhancer, Text Editor, Stickers, ..and much more – by Aviary
✓ Horizontal-level Indicator to get the best alignment
✓ Touch Exposure and Manual Focus for the best control over image output
✓ Dropbox archiving, & Instant-sharing on your favorite social networks
✓ Thumbnail Icon for Instant-preview
✓ Flash Options with Auto Mode and Torch - to lighten-up your images!
✓ 8 unique Shooting Modes & White Balance to counter all types of Scenes and Light conditions
✓ Multiple Photos and videos can be imported from/exported to the Photo Library
✓ Histogram for Images
✓ Tag your photos to remember the key moments
✓ Search on the basis of – Event (month), Title, Tags
✓ Image Slideshow Mode
✓ Video Trimming in Editor Mode
✓ 1- tap gesture for random application of Effects, Filers and Lenses
✓ Swipe gesture to toggle between adjacent Effects, Filters and Lenses
★ FILTER your eye-sight!
Zitrr Camera introduces stylish filters like Ignite, Bleach, Heritage, Numb, Xproket, Arabik, Earlybird, Malgudi, Turquoise, Halo, & Amber – the best of its kind for an iPhone Camera App.
★ EFFECTS to spice-up!
Effects in Zitrr Camera contain exactly what is required to give an artistic touch to your perfect photos. With the unique Effects, you can try sketch effect on your photographs, enhance the contours of the figures, or give it a emboss feel. Effect list include Comic, Crude, Feather, Haze, Intense, Lomo, Lux, Old Paper, Pastel, Poster, Sketch, & Toon.
★ Switch LENSES to Switch views!
When you want to see new shapes in the old shapes, or new faces on old faces, and other old things in the new way you want (you get the idea, right?). Here is a stack of brainless lenses – for reckless shapes – never seen before!!

                effects.jpg (320×548)


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