Thursday, April 4, 2013


Download Rubik From here
How does it work
1. Register

If you starting Rublik for first time, registration form will appear.

2. Wait

Screenshot: Main Window
It's up to your how many computer resources Rublik will consume: from 100% load when you away to absolute zero.

3. Take Your Reward

Screenshot: Withdrawing Money

How does it work?
You are installing our software, launching it and minding your own buisness. Meanwhile your Rublik balance is increasing. Money are withdrawable at any time.

What does program do?
Rublik performs calculations necessary for Bitcoin Network. We are getting money for that and giving it to you.

How much will I earn?
It depends. Factors are: performance of your GPU, amount of time program launched and currency rates. Performance of average videocard will be enough for covering your mobile or internet expenses.
Approximate performance rates and earnings are available here.

How to register, there are no such option on the site?
Download and install Rublik. When launching it for the first time, Registration Form will appear.

What are withdraw options?
You can withdraw money using any of supported systems, which are: WebMoney, VISA QIWI Wallet and PayPal. We can also send you votes or replenish balance of your mobile account.

1 Unfortunately, only russian carriers are currently supported.
2 This list is work-in-progress. Got suggestions?
3 Withdraw any amount at any time. There is no catch.
How long does withdrawal take?
Usually, it's just a matter of couple minutes. But sometimes request being processed a little longer.

Can I run multiple copies at the same time?
If you have multiple computers — yes. Install program at all and hit “Start”. Use same account everywhere, no need to register more than one.

1 Don't launch more than one program at one computer, it will affect performance badly.
What GPUs are supported and what are the best ones?
Any modern GPU with up-to-date drivers will earn money for you. However, GPUs from AMD (ATI Radeon) work significantly faster. Approximate speeds are here.

What if my GPU is slow?
We have an affiliate program. Odds are, many of your friends have GPUs with great perfomance. Invite your friends to the project and we will be constantly rewarding you with percentage from their earnings.


  1. Wat If its any BOT or RAT ?
    I mean, do you(personally) have Tested it?

    1. I have tested it mys self..its not an rat


    same programme :)