Sunday, April 21, 2013

|| Facebook Home On Any Android- Installation and Common Problems ||

You may have come across several “How to get Facebook Home on any Android” tutorials. However, all the tutorials lack something. We have a complete solution for any errors you may face once you get Facebook Home installed.

Facebook Home was never meant for each and every device. Every app is optimized for a particular device, a particular screen and it has a certain minimum hardware requirement. We humans being the way we are, want our smartphone to run that latest app, that latest game and leave no stones un turned to get what we want! It does come at a price though, crashes and unusual activities galore.

Same was the case with most early adopters of the tweaked Facebook Home app which enables it to be run on any Android device. People faced crashes and random reboots. Here  we came up with a solution the most common problems caused by the Facebook Home app.

How Do I Get Facebook Home ?
1. Delete the Original Facebook app installed on your device.

2.Delete the original Facebook Messenger.

3.Go and download this file. –> Download

4. Extract and install the APKs of both the Facebook app and Facebook Home, including the Messenger APK(com.facebook.orca) . Just install all 3 files. You may have to tick ‘Enable Unknown Sources’ or similar in application settings.

5. Enable Facebook Home under the Facebook app settings. Reboot your device.

Now that you have installed the Facebook Home launcher, the problems might kick in. Frequent crashes, lag etc. The following are the common problems faced with their solutions

Common Questions:

I just get a black screen! What do I do?

At the bottom or top right of your android device you will come across 3 vertical dots. Click on it, this shall give you access to your settings which will allow you to enable or disable Facebook home. Disable it and restart the “Home” app.

If you just have a blank screen, try rebooting your device. If that doesn’t work you may have to get access to a custom recovery and try clearing dalvik cache.

My phone constantly restarts after installing FB Home?

This is a common problem faced by many. We personally experienced this a lot on our Nexus. The problem seems to go away after a reboot or 2. Reinstalling wont help.

I downloaded and installed Facebook Home. I hated it so much that I switched back to my previous launcher. However, every other minute after unlocking I am magically brought back to the Facebook Launcher. How do I switch to my previous launcher?

Hhaha! We couldn’t believe what we read when a reader asked us this query. We tried it for ourselves and woah! It’s true. Facebook Home app can’t just be replaced by any other launcher. Even if you select the option on your main launcher to keep it in memory and make it default launcher, Facebook Home will be back after you unlock. The solution was simple. Access the Facebook Home settings from your screen(the 3 dots) and switch off Facebook Home. This will prompt you to select your new default launcher. Chose the launcher of your choice and get rid of the damned FB Home.

No Facebook Chat Heads ?

This is another tricky one. Facebook messenger hasn’t ever been the best messenger out there. Frequent crashes and n/w problems seems to be ever persistent even after countless updates. This is just one of them.

However, there are certain reasons you may not get chat heads. Try any of the following.

1. Your desktop FB Messenger is ON. Close your browser and wait to receive a Facebook Message. More often than not a Chat Head of the respective person will pop up.

2. Go to the messenger app, logout and re-login.

3. Reboot


  1. Thanks AV!!!It worked like a charm. Was wanting it for my Tab 2, got it finally....