Friday, April 12, 2013


Payment Proof Updates!!!
I found a new site and there is proof, and forum where you can chat and stuff, and the prices are amazing. Including the payout rates.

This site pays $20 for 1000 views, there is payment proof, a forum and very neat tools. The minimum payout is $5 and they pay 3 times a month. Now onto the real stuff.

This site is called Zyan it says the rates of $20 for 1000 views which is way more than most sites.They have their own Banners and such as well and a forum that just started. - Link ShortenerYou can click the banner above to join, or you can join by clicking this link Here.

If you have troubles with people not knowing how to click your links I can help you with that. This is a unique site and it has keywords tool installed on each ad. So when someone clicks your ad they will have to go through by typing the key word and click the verify button, then they can move onto the link.

Once you make an account, you might be confused, or that is just me since I'm a bit weird. If you don't know how to edit your profile or find out how to add your paypal email there is a button above your email that lets you do so.

Another Note: 
You get credits, basically credits are your money so 1000 credits are about 15 cents. They update this at times and you can check it out here: Here and Here

10000 credits is about 1000 clicks.
You can click your links once making it, only once though.

Promotion right now:
You can earn 25 cents for posting your payment proofs.

If you need any help at all just pm me, I started on this site about a couple days ago and I am enjoying the payment rates.

Adfly Users can shorten their url here so that they can continue their earning from without taking a risk.. :)

Note:- Proof is of only 1000 click i got in a week

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