Thursday, June 20, 2013

|| RazStealer Android Stealer ||

The First (or not) Android Stealer ever created!
Raziel94 presents
RazStealer 0.25 Beta

NO Launcher icon (not on sight, not on mind) so the victim will never suspect anything, the only place where its listed is in the application list (where pretty much ALL apps are listed)
Launched when YOU trigger it via sms. You send a sms to the victim and if the sms starts with the secret code (which you defined) it will start doing its shit (in background ofc)

Currently steals the following (still adding stuff, and always open for suggestions, actually me wantz suggestions):
-SMS (incoming and outcoming)
-Pictures (scans through the SD Card recursively and if their size doesnt exceed the upload limit (20MB or less, you decide) they will be included in the package)
-Victims personal info (currently only Phone model, Phone number, Operator)

After stealing shit, it zips everything into 1 sexy zip file and uploads it (if there's no internet, it sits and waits) and sends it to your own freaking email!
-Deletes shit-

After everythings done, it deletes all temp files created
-No Root-

I plan to add this later, but currently as none of the features require root access, it wont ask for them and will work flawless on a not rooted android phone
APK Minimum Requirements:

Android phone with these specs:
-600Mhz ARMv6 CPU
-128MB RAM
-GingerBread 2.3.3 or newer phone ROM
-100MB free SD CARD SPACE (if it has less than the pics will be excluded, and then it requires < 1MB)
-shit to steal

* Though it will probably run on any android running gingerbread 2.3.3 and up, having lower specs than these will cause heavy slowdowns while operating.
What you need:

-A working gmail from which the app will use to send the data to you (it has to be gmail since i didnt want to lose much time implementing multiple smtp servers)
because the app can be reverse engineered, i dont recommend putting your private mail, but instead make a fun gmail for this occassion.
-Android Developer Tools (since I couldnt find a way to make a portable compiler, you will have to compile the project)
-Java JRE (for ADT)

-Setting up-
1. Download the application
2. Run the application
3. Configure it to your needs
4. Read the credits
6. Generate the project
7. Import and compile it using ADT
8. Send the apk to the victim
9. Send the SMS with the trigger code
10. Wait for a mail with the file attached.
11. read step 5 again
What can this shit be used for (just some ideas I had while creating the app)?:

-Hack facebook via the SMS password reset
-Sign up to sites via the SMS confirmation
-Collect e-whoring material pictures from the girl next door with big titties
-Complete surveys wich require SMS confirmation using someone else's phone number
---Link Updated---

Whats new:
-You can now enable the feature to auto start the stealer when the phone boots
-You can now enable the feature to delete the zip file after uploading
-SMS thread fixed and optimized
-SMS stealer now includes date and fixed ID


  1. how to compile it?

  2. Plz explain this post step by step..
    When i click on create apk it not create apk...
    Help plz...

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