Monday, November 15, 2010

Google Hacking Database Reborn


The incredible amount of information continuously leaked onto the Internet, and therefore accessible by Google, is of great use to penetration testers around the world. Johnny Long of Hackers for Charity started the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) to serve as a repository for search terms, called Google-Dorks, that expose sensitive information, vulnerabilities, passwords, and much more.

As Johnny is now pursing his mission in Uganda, he has graciously allowed us at The Exploit Database to pick up where the GHDB left off and resurrect it. It is with great excitement that we announce that the GHDB is now being hosted by us and actively maintained again. This will allow us to tie the GHDB directly into our database of exploits providing the most current information possible.

We will be accepting new submissions through our new forums and email. For more information about sending in GHDB submissions by email, check here. We will be updating the GHDB on a daily basis based on submissions by the community. We have opened forums for both EDB and GHDB conversation. Feel free to sign up and read the rules and guidelines here.

It is our hope that by bringing back the GHDB, we can work together to rekindle the original spirit of exploration of the GHDB community.

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