Monday, November 15, 2010

We will investigate, track down, and prosecute cyber hackers

Post by- Nasruminallah Zeeshan

US Attorney John McKay is quoted as: "Let there be no mistake about it, cyber hacking is a crime. It harms persons, it harms individuals, it harms businesses. We will investigate, track down, and prosecute cyber hackers."

Whenever the word 'Hacking' or 'Hacker' comes to our mind, the picture or the image which is created is that of an intelligent being that is criminal by nature, which attacks other computer systems, d...amages it, break codes and passwords send viruses etc. Their mindsets are as if the 'hackers' are the computer criminals. They have a very wrong notion in this regard and have a completely negative attitude and utter dislike for the 'Hackers'.

In this regard, the media has wrongly associated the computer criminals as 'Hackers'. The media has played a major role and has its hands behind this creation of negative connotation of the word 'hacker'. General public may spread rumors but it is hard to believe, someone speaking about completely new term, which is also a totally new concept to him.But the fact is that the terms 'Hacker' and so called 'Computer Criminal' are absolutely two different terms and are not linked with each other in any respect. They speak what they read and listen from others. For this, whenever any cyber crime occurred, by unauthorised use of other computer systems, the news published and delivered in public was by the use of the term 'hacking'.

So we can say that it is because of media why people have hatred or negative feeling for the 'hackers'. Actually, 'Hackers' are very intelligent people who use their skill in a constructive and positive manner. They help the government to protect national documents of strategic importance, help organisations to protect documents and company secrets, and even sometimes help justice to meet its end by extracting out electronic evidence. Rather, these are people who help to keep computer criminals on the run. First I would like to explain the term 'Hacker', because there is a great misconception regarding it. I made a field study by a questionnaire method taking few samples amongst the youths across the country. In that study, for the question regarding explaining the term 'hacking', most of the samples were just beating around the bush. So as to eliminate the fallacies in its connotation, I would like to begin with its meaning. Hackers are generally computer programmers who maintain network systems, secure documents, etc. So anyone who has a good hand on computer programming can be termed as 'hacker' in general.

Traditionally, hackers were computer geeks who knew almost everything about computers and were widely respected for their wide array of knowledge. But over the years, the reputation of hackers has been steadily going down. Today, they are feared by most people and are looked upon as icons representing the underground community of our population. I am sure my dear friend US Attorney John McKay is not aware of the term Hacking and Crime. Tell them to evict all assigned hackers by them working under their selves to eye on Israil, Pakistan and Indian Infrastructure. Hacking by hacker with intention to harms persons, it harms individuals, it harms businesses is minor loss compare to the level of hacking they encourage in the corridors of power..The about statements is nothing but a rut..And one should give damn to it..

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