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Unite Hackers of India Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's): Ask Cat Techie Hacker, Vaidehi Sachin & Amarjit Singh

Ask Cat Techie Hacker, Vaidehi Sachin & Amarjit Singh: Unite Hackers of India Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

Is it true that only Certified can join the campaign??? What is the requirement to join this?
This campaign is against Cyber Terrorism for people who are anti Indian. There is no legal certification or formal qualification to join this cause .So whether you are a Black Hat, White Hat or Grey hat id doesn’t really matter .We want to unite all the hackers in the India under one roof for their benefit, and put their skills in right and approved manner.

We do not have certificate of Ethical Hacking. We learned it from books, online tutorials/videos & such sites. We are neither a part of any group or hacked any sites. We want to work for India as an Ethical Hacker if we get a chance & proper platform. Can we join??
You need not have Certification to join this cause. As long as you have the knack, skills and aptitude and above all since the passion to work for India is evident please join us and we will give you a platform to address everyone. This cause is to secure our country from cyber evils, and let us prove that we the indians are best at it.

Once we join this young cyber army, in future if Indian Gov. provides us a project to hack website or steal the data, will they give us protection???
Firstly, the Indian Government will never award you a project to hack any website or steal the data since it is against Indian Law.Under The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008, Cyber-terrorism is punishable with life imprisonment. Cyber offences such as identity theft, cyber-stalking, cyber harassment, spoofing and hacking are the punishable offences under this section. The IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 was passed by both Houses of Parliament on December 23, 2008. It was notified after the assent of the President on February 5, 2009. without sabotaging others interest we can secure ourself and can providesecurity cover.

Who will take forward this cyber issue in front of Hon. President of India?
The platform which will unite all the hackers will serve to voice our opinion and will be noticed by the Government. So let’s hope for the best that Hon. President of India will initiate the process of some amendments to be made.

I am a Black hat and do not want to reveal my identity. How can I join?
There has to be some sort of Identity by which people can know you and you are recognized for your efforts for the development of the nation. The others in this community will surely applaud you for your efforts.

Will it be beneficial for my career prospects also? How?
As I had mentioned earlier also that our objective is to Unite Hackers of all types in order to make our country cyber protected. So you will surely get name and fame in your career even if you have contributed a drop in this ocean of Cyber Hacking. As far as government is concerned it is still unethical or illegal according to them even if you have India’s interest in mind.

Can I join this army officially after completing my college? I am very good in hacking and security?
There is nothing official or unofficial about this army, it’s the perspective which matters. The murderer has a knife in his hand as a weapon to kill his victim. Similarly the doctor also has a knife in his hand to save the life of a patient. So one takes away a human being’s life while the other saves the life . every skill has two different sides,and we need to make best choice. So if you are talented in hacking and security and want to channelise your skills and energies for India you are always welcome to join us.

I am thinking about fighting against hackers who are doing identity theft, virus that spreads, and trojan. I'm thinking of making files that will shutdown hacker's systems who are doing crimes. (Posted by Danial)
Dear Danial i welcome your suggestion fighting against hackers those who are committed to do only wrong. if you are capable, then we support you. but once hacker joins the organisation identity theft wont be a big issue.

Sir, I am very much eager to learn Computer Hacking. i want to Join Indian Cyber Army & Fight Cyber Terror for my Country. Sir, it will be a great achievement if i can join your league.
Thanking you with regards,

Dear Rajendra we are actually not here to support any perticular hackers group. If you want to fight cyber terror we are here to provide you platform.

What if I am Pakistani and want to join the camp to secure my country against Indian hacker?
well you have every right to protect your country from cyber terror not only from India, even from other countries, which are equally threat fro India. You can deffinately form a unit in Pakistan and unite hackers to serve your country, our organisation would deffinately extend the support. if we all decide to protect our contry than attacking others, 50% of war stalls here itself, wish you luck

Do you personally hate Pakistan hackers? because in you book cyber terror you have exposed many of our country hackers?
Sad, there are lots of misunderstandings and misconseptions regarding this a writer i have tried putting light to hidden dark world, irrespective of who so ever it is. I am sure you will be surprised to read about those hackers, hidden in the gone phase and existing with over rated hype. I am not against any country.

I know you will not publish this question but still I ask you, as you posted a comment that,unixroot and the hacker's news is belongs to a hacker. if you are uniting hackers then why attacking him? why cant he have his news portal as others do have? why cant you controll Amarjit singh for what he is doing?
I would have

No, I am not scared of writing the truth. Why you thought I won’t be publishing this question? First ..yes, UNIX root and the Hacker’s news has complete right to publish news or execute their freedom as media. I was against the identity theft; no media has ever hidden their face and utilized such kind of gimmicks. From past few days there were attacks on the bloggers in the name of yellow journalism even unixroot did the same. I was expecting hacker’s news to possess some above intellect than the other bloggers but the agenda itself was wrong. I just told the hacker to come in lime light with guts and introduce himself to his beloved readers. I still support Hackers news because I have got nothing personal against them.As far as Amarjit is concerned, it is his personal rivalry with some people or group. What he is doing is his personal issue; you all unite and disagree, ban reading his blog, don’t approve his post, retaliate and see what happens. Expecting from me to do this is wrong. He has his personal blog to put his personal thought across you all. I have no right to encroach at his right of expressions. More over whatever he is doing may not be hundred percent right but I am sure it’s not even totally wrong. It’s you the readers need to take a call here.

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Ask Cat Techie Hacker, Vaidehi Sachin & Amarjit Singh: Unite Hackers of India Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

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