Monday, November 22, 2010

Unite Hackers : Unite All Hackers to Protect Country

Unite Hackers : Unite All Hackers to Protect Country

"This Blog is started with an intension to create difference in hacker’s life, unite them and utilise their skills in nation’s interest. Our country has best of potential united we can make our cyber world secured and protected from evil "
Support this campaign to unite all hackers of India under one roof to protect our country and make it cyber crime free. All hackers are not Criminals; they are the Heroes of the Computer Revolution. Let us make this country cyber protected with these young think tank, 73% hackers of India are in the age group of 12 to 19, they don’t have direction. 5% hackers are between the age group of 30 plus, and rest of the hackers working for some Indian companies or the IT brands and teaching hacking as security measures are called ethical hackers. But most of the hackers either in to this due to passion or due to compulsion of earning bread. So far the recorded data of hackers in crime is just 2%.

Let us unite these think tanks and spread awareness. This campaign is tuff but not difficult. We will approach Hon. President of India along with appeal and signatures through this campaign."Cyber crime is the latest threat to India's security with those inimical to its interests hiring experts to spy on companies and vital networks. There has been an increase of 200 per cent in cyber crime cases in India in the last three years and that is an alarming trend. The new tactics are more towards data theft like espionage on some other companies, working for some foreign intelligence agencies sitting in India, SMS and mobile call forging. At the age of 18, some of the hackers found loopholes like "Session Hijacking" & "Cross Site Scripting" in popular social networking websites. The biggest worry is that officials of Indian investigating agencies are not competent enough to deal with techno crimes.

Investigating agencies are still lagging behind in terms of technologies or techniques to actually tackle cyber crimes. Not even two percent of the officials know what Voice is over Internet Protocol (VoIP), its use or how to take precautions. The hacking of mobile numbers and for making calls and sending SMS is another area of concern. Anyone can use or misuse a mobile number to send SMS or make a call. This technology was misused in the 26/11 bombings. But all the servers and the infrastructure required to commit this cyber crime is not available in India. "The Indian IT law is not defined to tackle such crimes using mobile phones and that is dangerous. Social networking sites are not at all safe and hackers exploit and misuse vital information from such sites for indulging in crime.

When we lack experts in our own government system, why not unite these India hackers? They are also patriots and care for this nation’s security as any other citizen of this country. Why not assign these young hackers for the internet security and make our country cyber terror free.

Unite Hackers : Unite All Hackers to Protect Country

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