Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DEODEX+ROOT - it`s easy!

For all, who want to DEODEX and ROOT their SGA.

Thanks to the Russian folk-author finist1 every owner of the SGA can easily, without having any additional knowledge, without using a computer perform the procedure of DEODEX and ROOT.

Read carefully before do anything.

Step by step procedure:

0. you must have already installed the appropriate firmware version.
1. download zip-file appropriate to your firmware version.
2. copy zip-file to the root of your SD-card.
3. connect your phone to an external power source (USB, for example) because update fairly large and long established.
4. boot into recovery mode (Home + Power)
5. navigate with volume button, then select wipe data/factory reset (so before do anything - back up personal data)
5. navigate with volume button, then select apply update from sdcard
6. select your zip-file
7. navigate with volume button, then select reboot system now

Now you have completely clean system with DEODEX and ROOT.

Download update appropriate to your firmware version:

OS 2.2.1 S5830XXKC1

OS 2.3.3 S5830XXKPE
OS 2.3.4 S5830XXKPH
OS 2.3.4 S5830XXKPL
OS 2.3.4 S5830ZCKA7
OS 2.3.4 S5830DDKQ5
OS 2.3.4 S5830DXKPB
OS 2.3.4 S5830DXKPB DEODEXED+CWM+CF-ROOT b80 for flashing with ODIN (pda+modem). Mirror

Thanks to this method, you can easily delete unwanted applications from update before performing the procedure. Just open your downloaded file and remove unwanted applications from system\app directory of your archive.
(You must know and understand what applications can be removed without harm to your system.)
Then, perform the procedure described above using your archive.
Source:- XDA


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