Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Upload shell in word press

Hello Friends, Many of you who have tried Symlink & got success in doing that get access to lot of Word press and Joomla database. Bcoz of which you make a way to get in to website as admin.
Many of you know how to upload shell in word press, Joomla and Other But still Few are their who don't know. So today I'll show you how to upload shell in wordpress.

1. when you login in to word press site as admin you see something like this

2. At left hand side you will see Appearance in that Theme

3. When you will click on theme you will some like this

4. Now you can see Upload option.Click on that and you will see this screen

5. Ok Now before going Forward.Take a shell which you will be uploading & zip it suppose my Shell Name is abc.php & when i zip it its
Note:- Only zip. Dont rar it

6. Ok now browse our .zip file. In my case it's Browse it and click on Install.
After that you will following screen

7. Now look it says Theme Installed. And also gives us Warning. In that warning look at this part

8. This is important this tells us where our shell has been uploaded.ok Now to browse our shell
go to

9. Now you will see our shell in that directory abc.php. That was our shell on that and shell will be loaded

This is just one way to upload shell. their other ways also. Fell free to comment for any doubts or question.


  1. Install plugins can be used too, anyways thanks :-)

  2. @Predrag Cujanović Yes bro.. i was goin to post that in my next tut

  3. for this we should know the admin password of victim :(

  4. :( bro i tried uploading it on one site but it said "style.css" is missing.. :(

  5. @Arjun Singh mere lal Dnt wry bro their is solution for every problem
    Do following
    1. Download any theme from net for wordpress. lets assume our theme name is if u open it you will see all theme files,style.css etc
    2. Now jus drag your shell lets assume it as xyz.php in this zip file
    3. Now upload your shell. it will say theme installed sucessfully.
    4. Now to acess it open of the theme we have installed)/xyz.php (our shell name)
    Now it should load your shell (:

  6. thanks for sharing ;)

  7. when uploading my shell it demands for ftp pass now what 2 do ?

    i got user name n password of wordpress sie but after adding new themes it demanded me the ftp pass...thats not known i hv tried the wordpress site but not work...

    what 2 do reply soon..

  8. @Anonymous Bro try this
    Go to Plugins---> Add New Plugin
    Go to Upload----> Their Browse your Php shell from your PC directly and click install Now
    as soon you do that it will take you to a page saying connection information
    where its will ask
    Host Name:
    Ftp Username:
    Ftp Password:

    don't do anything their go to address bar
    n type /wp-content/uploads/

    you whole url should be something like this

    Hopefully you should see your shell here (:

  9. how to create shell file?i am a new bie to your site

  10. @^^ dnt create jus download shells from net

  11. wordpress ka admin panel kaise find karte hai bro plz tell this also???

    1. Mostly the wordpress site's admin panel is

  12. haha.. :D br0 nor any install themes or neither any upload option in plugins and in themes... so what can i do?

  13. Hello Bro,Plz Sath aik tut ye bhe upload kren k wordpress sites hack kese krte hen,tHanks

  14. check this site has been hacked !! see the demo